Sweet Male Dachshund Mix, 4, For Rehoming in Indianapolis – Adopt Diesel Today!


Hi, My name is Diesel!

Diesel - Dachshund Mix For Adoption in Indianapolis IN

I am a black with light brown and white markings, short hair Male Dachshund mix Dog. I am 4 and weigh 20 pounds. I live in Indianapolis, IN.

Diesel is very healthy. He is neutered and up to date on shots. Diesel gets along well with other dogs, and loves children. He has not been around cats, so his cat-friendliness is indetermined.

Here is what his owner loves the most about Diesel:

– he loves to play ball
– he gets excited and runs very fast in circles
– he loves to snuggle
– he wrinkles his lips when he is eager to play/fetch the ball – it is adorable and funny
– he is friendly with other pets and people

The owner has had to make the very difficult decision to rehome Diesel and his doggie bro, Gideon, due to many life changes that make it very difficult to provide the dogs with the care, attention and exercise they need and very much deserve. A busy work schedule, a son with tons of extra-curricular activities, and now parents who are very ill and need her assistance have made it necessary to find the dogs a very good home where their needs will be met and they will be cherished.

Diesel - Dachshund Mix For Adoption in Indianapolis INYou can adopt Diesel on his own, or consider adopting both Diesel and Gideon, his delightful doggie friend, together.

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There is a $75 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About Diesel

Name of Pet: Diesel
Location: Indianapolis, IN, 46239
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Dachshund mix
Sex of Pet: Male

Age of Pet: 4
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Yes
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: I will send dog toys, leash, collar, bed, and a bag of his favorite Hills Science Diet dog food.

Diesel’s Personality

– he loves to play ball
– he gets excited and runs very fast in circles
– he loves to snuggle
– he wrinkles his lips when he is eager to play/fetch the ball – it is adorable and funny
– he is friendly with other pets and people

Diesel’s Current Home Environment

It is me and my 12 year old son. We play with Diesel in the evenings and when the weather is nice we walk him. Otherwise we play ball down the hallway since Diesel loves to play. Diesel doesn’t do well left in a room or empty house when he’s alone, so he is in a kennel when we leave for work and school. Diesel is potty trained but has difficulty going outside when it is raining.

Diesel does love the snow though! Diesel has a dog bed, and he likes to suck on the puffy edge of the dog bed when he is tired and pushes his paws back and forth on the puffy edge too – almost like a cat. Diesel sometimes would rather sleep in his bed, but I also let him sleep on my bed. He likes to burrow, so I keep a blanket at the foot of the bed for him. I do not let him under my blankets and sheets – though used to and he loved that.

Diesel’s Current Family:

I rescued Diesel from an acquaintance who was going to give Diesel up to a shelter. I was a single mom at the time as I was divorced and my two older sons moved out around the same time and went off to college. My youngest son, now age 12, was very helpful in playing with and taking care of Diesel, and together we worked on getting Diesel as strong and healthy as possible.

I buy the best dog food I know about – Hills Science Diet. We do our best getting Diesel exercise and we love on him dearly. Unfortunately, my son is becoming more involved in sports, my job is demanding I travel 2 to 3 times a year, and both of my parents are in ill health. Father finished fighting colon cancer, but is very weak. Mother was recently diagnosed with lung disease and dogs can’t be around her. We are on the move a lot, and the dogs are in their kennel – too much in my opinion. Diesel needs more attention and time than we can now give.

Diesel’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Diesel loves to play ball, rope, loves to run and he hops through tall grass out in fields or hops in the snow – he loves it.

Cute Diesel Story:

Diesel gets so excited when someone is about to throw a ball that he stares at the person or the ball and his lips look all wrinkly like a clam and he quivers he is so excited for you to throw the ball – it’s adorable!

Why is Diesel Being Rehomed?

I have to travel more, my son is more involved in sports, and both of my parents are in ill health and need my help frequently.

Diesel’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

a family that will play with him frequently, has children who love him, and who will love him and cuddle with him – and of course play ball with him