Boxers For Adoption in North Carolina

Boxer mix dog for adoption in charlotte north carolina – meet scooby

Boxer Mix Dog For Adoption in Charlotte North Carolina – Meet Scooby

Are you searching for a Boxer mix dog to adopt in Charlotte, North Carolina? Meet Scooby, an exceptional 7-year-old male Boxer mix who is available for adoption to a caring family in or near Charlotte, North Carolina. Scooby is a child-friendly dog who enjoys cuddling and doesn’t beg for food. He is respectful of home entertainment and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, he is incredibly handsome. Unfortunately, Scooby’s current owners are heartbroken to rehome him due to unforeseen circumstances. They want him to be cherished and well-cared-for in his new home. Scooby is a relaxed, easygoing dog who enjoys playing with tennis balls, tug of war, and going on hikes. He is housebroken, but not crate trained. Scooby’s ideal home would be with an active individual or family who has a fenced-in yard for him to run and play in. If you’re interested in offering Scooby his forever home, click the link below to learn more… He truly is amazing!