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Topsy - Beagle Dog For Adoption Near Baltimore MD

Topsy- 2 YO Purebred Beagle Dog REHOMED in Baltimore MD Area


Here is how our Baltimore Pet Rehoming team presented Topsy to attract her new owners;

Looking to adopt a purebred Beagle dog in the Washington DC area?   Topsy is an absolutely adorable 2 year old Beagle looking for a very  loving home. Very sweet and well-behaved, she has been lovingly cared for by her owner since she was a puppy. Topsy is healthy, spayed and vaccinated. She is very well behaved and housebroken.

All About Topsy – Beagle REHOMED Baltimore MD

Life has been cruel to Topsy’s owner as of late. She was involved in a serious car accident from which she barely escaped with her life. After multiple surgeries, she has chronic pain and disability. If this weren’t enough to deal with, she and her husband divorced, and she has been left to fend for herself and her dogs on a very limited budget.

As much as she would dearly love to keep her beloved Beagle girls, the owner is not able to afford their care, and her disability makes it very difficult to provide them with the exercise and playtime they need and very much deserve.

The best possible scenario for these sweet girls and their loving owner would be to find them each a home where they will receive plenty of love, attention, care, playtime, exercise, good nutrition and veterinary care. They would make such a wonderful addition to the home of  retired or stay-at-home Beagle lovers who are looking for the sweetest dogs ever.

The owner is experiencing such a sense of loss in having to rehome her dogs. It would be so great to find new owners who would be willing to stay in touch with her, and even allow the occasional visit. Hopefully that would be OK with their new owners.

Location: Pasadena, MD, 21122
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Beagles
Age: 3
Color/Coat Type: Black and Tans and white
Size: 30-35 lbs
Health Issues: None
Behavior Issues: None



Topsy is a two year old active and curious beagle. She will figure out how to get a treat out of any puzzle. I bought her from the breeder and she was the runt of the litter. She does not go far from me. I always have to stay in her sight. She loves to play tug. She likes to sit behind a person on the back of the couch and lay her head on a shoulder as she snores.

Topsy has seasonal allergies, she gets 2 Benadryl 3 times a day when the pollen is at its worst. Her ears and bum become inflamed and itchy “ears and rears” according to the vet. She is also allergic to her yearly vaccinations. She is injected with a dosage of allergy medication prior to her shots. She enjoys claiming a lap while having a chew on a rawhide. She is also happy to play tug on a shirt or sweatshirt sleeve. Topsy is learning to walk on a leash. She will try to run after a squirt and bark at other dogs. It’s a work in progress. She is up to date with her shots.

Food and Diet

Topsy is currently on Other

Reason For Rehoming

Divorce. I am unable to take care of my dogs after a car accident and multiple surgeries. My husband deserted me and left me destitute. I will not have a home to care for my dogs.

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