Chicago Dog Owners Impending Move Creates Need To Rehome Shar Pei Lab Mix
Chinese Shar Pei Mix Dog For Adoption in Chicago

Lola loves to cuddle.

Advised they have to move into corporate housing by their employers, Lola’s owners are faced with the difficult decision of having to find this lovable Lab mix a new home in Chicago and area.

Lola is a well behaved 7 year old mix of Labrador Retriever and Chinese Shar Pei. She would fit in well in a home with children or other dogs. Lola is an affectionate companion and would make a good choice as an emotional support dog.

Lola is one of those dogs that really makes an impression. She has a personality that brings out the best in people.

Lola is one of many dogs being rehomed by the Pet Rehoming Network. This organization helps dog owners facing difficult circumstances that make giving up a beloved dog or cat necessary.

Private pet rehoming is becoming more prevalent in large urban areas like Chicago, where shelters and rescues are full to capacity. It keeps family companions out of these facilities, so that they can focus their attention on abandoned and abused pets.

Lola has so much love to offer the right family. She loves playing in the sprinkler, ice cream and cuddling. She needs owners who can spend time with her, and who have a securely fenced yard.

Pet Rehoming Network facilitates private pet adoptions throughout the USA and Canada. Each pet remains in the care if it’s owners until a suitable new home is located. The pet is then transitioned directly from one home to the next.

For more information about adopting Lola or private dog rehoming services through the Pet Rehoming Network, call (888) 720-3322 or visit

Pet Rehoming Network was started to address the need for somewhere for pet owners to turn when needing to give up a companion. Unlike shelters and rescues, pets stay with their owners throughout the rehoming process.


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