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Have you been searching for Cats for adoption in Edmonton? Pet Adoptions Network helps in finding good homes for pre-loved Cats in Edmonton.

Our private Cat rehoming process offered by friendly, helpful and very empathetic Adoption Counsellors, helps replace heartache with hope, and worry with peace of mind for cat owners faced with this gut-wrenching need to rehome their cat.

Edmonton Cat Rehoming Services


We are here for you. Please reach out to our Edmonton cat rehoming staff for a no-obligation consultation by phone, text or email.

We will be happy to offer advice and support, answer any questions, and give you a shoulder to lean on.

Shelters and rescues in Edmonton are not the answer for your precious cat or kitten. Placing your cat on your own includes many risks to you and your cat’s safety and well-being. Let our experienced and compassionate pet adoption experts help find your cat the perfect forever home – safely – comfortably – and with the least amount of stress of your cat and you.

Call or text (403) 589-6618 to speak with our rehoming coordinator, Debbie Moore, or complete our intake form for an appointment to speak with us about your situation.

Learn all about our proven Cat rehoming process.

Cats For Adoption in Edmonton


Kenobi White Cat Adoption Edmonton AB (1)

Sweet White Cat For Adoption in Edmonton AB – Supplies Included – Adopt Kenobi

Every now and then you meet a cat that can steal your heart within just a few moments of meeting them, and Kenobi is just such a cat. This snow white bundle of cuddles and purrs is just 8 years old and weighs 10 pounds. Healthy, fixed, vaccinated, litter trained and very clean and well behaved, Kenobi is looking for a new home due to severe cat allergies in his family. He is going to bring all his "cat things" along to his new home, and all vet records. All you have to add is a safe, happy and healthy home and lots of love and companionship for this amazing little lap cat. Adopt Kenobi today! #WhiteCats #WhiteCatsofEdmonton #YEGCats #CatsofEdmonton #CatsofYEG #WhiteCatsofIG #WhitecatsofInstagram #LapCats #Adoptdontshop #EdmontonCatAdoptions #EdmontonCatRehoming #edmontoncats #prelovedcats
Oscar Long Haired Brown Tabby Cat Adoption Edmonton AB 5

Sweet Country Longhaired Tabby Cat For Adoption in Sturgess AB – Supplies Included – Adopt Oscar

 Do you live in a country setting with a safe outdoor area for a very sweet 15 year old cat that is very set in his ways? Are you looking for a mouser extraordinaire to keep your house and outbuildings rodent-free? If yes, Oscar would like to apply for the position.  Oscar has been the very spoiled companion of an elderly lady who, until recently, lived on an acreage in Sturgeon County. The owner recently had to be transferred into assisted living, and her acreage put up for sale. Oscar can't be included with the house, since the new owners have two large dogs that are not cat-friendly. We are hoping to find him a home similar to what he is used to, where he can hunt at night during warmer months and be allowed indoors to sleep as needed.  He's a really special cat, and you will enjoy having him around (although the mice and squirrels may not!). If you have room in your heart and home for Oscar, please complete our online meeting request form. Once received, our Alberta Cat Rehoming team will make arrangements for you to meet Oscar and his/her owners. Adopt Oscar today! Adoption processing fee will be waived for a very good home. Supplies, accessories, and veterinary records will be included. #CatsofEdmonton #EdmontonCats #AdoptdontshopEdmonton #TabbyCatLovers #TabbiesofIG #Instatabby #TabbyCatsofInstagram #YEGCats #SturgeonCountyAB #SeniorCats #AdoptaSeniorCat #EdmontonCatAdoptions #CatsforAdoptioninEdmonton
Orange Tabby Cat And Black And White Tuxedo Cat For Adoption In Edmonton AB 1

ADOPTED – Bonded Orange Tabby and Tuxedo Cats in Edmonton AB – McNulty and Kima

Looking for a pair of Orange Tabby and Black and White Tuxedo Cats to adopt in Edmonton, Alberta? Just 6 and 5 years old  and weighing 17 lbs and 12 lbs, McNulty and Kima are handsome, healthy housecats looking for a very loving new home. McNulty and Kima's owner is very sad to have to rehome his cherished cat, but his child has developed severy cat allergies and cannot live comfortably or safely with the cats.  He is dearly hoping to find a new home for McNulty and Kima where they both  will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. If you have room in your heart and home for McNulty and Kima, please complete our online meeting request form. Once received, our Edmonton Cat Rehoming team will make arrangements for you to meet the cats and their owner. Adopt McNulty and Kima today! #catsofinstagram #catstagram #orangetabbycat #tuxedocat #bondedcats #bondedcatsforadoption #adoptablecatsofIG #foradoptioninedmonton #edmontonAB #catsforadoptionedmonton #adontdontshop
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