Adorable Female Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption In Los Angeles – Adopt Willow Today

Adorable Female Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption in Los Angeles – Adopt Willow Today

Willow - White with Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption in Los Angeles

Meet Willow – Adorable 4 YO Female White with Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption Los Angeles CA

Meet Willow, a feline ray of sunshine in the form of a very sweet and pretty white cat with orange tabby markings. Willow is looking for a loving home and family to cherish her in Los Angeles and area. Fixed, shots, healthy and supplies included.

Willow - White with Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption in Los Angeles 2

Willow is such a sweet cat. She gets along very well with other cats and dogs (so long as they are cat-friendly). She would be a great choice for a family with children looking for a laid back family companion. She is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled and petted.  She has such a pretty face – light green eyes set off so nicely against her ginger tabby markings.

Ares and Willow - Cats For Adoption in Los Angeles

Willow can be adopted by herself, but why not double the purrs and also adopt her best friend, Ares, a very sweet young male cat with a glistening black coat and the most adorable personality.

Questions About Willow?? Text “Willow” to (888) 833-2128 or e-mail [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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There is a $25 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About Willow

Name of Pet: Willow
Location: Los Angeles CA
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet: Domestic Shorthair
Sex of Pet: Female

Age of Pet: 4
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Unknown
Gets along with cats: Yes
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Accessories Included: She’ll come with a month’s supply of food and a bag of litter. If Ares and Willow are re-homed to the same place, the litter box dome can come with them.

Willow’s Personality

Willow - White with Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption in Los Angeles 3
Willow is a very sweet girl. She loves cuddles and pets (although she is a bit wary about being picked up). She’s extremely well-trained with the litterbox (I can’t even remember if she’s ever had an accident). She loves to play with both cats and dogs, and I think she’d be wonderful with kids. She’s very easy-going and is adaptable. Loves to play with toys and with catnip.

Willow’s Current Home Environment

My partner and I currently live in an apartment with Ares, Willow, and our dog Harper. The apartment is clean, the cats share a litter box, and they have a window to watch the street from. My partner and I are gone during the day for work, but we’re usually home at night and the cats are given fresh water and food daily (although they are good with automatic feeders as well).

Willow’s Current Family:

Our family currently consists of my partner and I, our two cats (Ares and Willow), and our Jack Russel terrier, Harper.

Willow’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

She loves little mice and things that attract her attention. She loves the ball on the track and catnip toys as well.

Cute Willow Story:

Willow makes the funniest facial and body expressions when she’s intently focused on something.

Why is Willow Being Rehomed?

My partner and I will be relocating in the near future, and the cats aren’t able to come with us when we go, so we’re seeking to find them a good home before we leave.

Willow’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I’m looking for someone who can provide lots of affection to Willow, and where she can maybe even have access to sleeping on the bed with her new family (my partner has allergies that prevent that for us right now). It would be great if she could have other animals to play with as well.

Questions About Willow?? Text “Willow” to (888) 833-2128 or e-mail [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to Adopt Willow – White with Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption in Los Angeles, CA

If you would like to meet Willow and her owner, please fill out our online meeting request form. Once we receive your information, we will send it to the owner and ask her to contact you to chat and arrange a meeting.

Orange Tabby with White Female Cat For Adoption in Los Angeles CA

Willow is a 4 year old female Orange Tabby cat for adoption in Los Angeles CA, near Glendale,
Long Beach,
Santa Ana,
San Bernardino,
East Los Angeles,
Huntington Park,
Walnut Park,
South Pasadena,
Monterey Park,
South Gate,
West Hollywood,
Bell Gardens,
Little Tokyo,
Old Chinatown,
Naud Junction,
New Chinatown,
Aliso Village,
Mission Junction,
Taylor Junction,
Pico Gardens,
Angelino Heights,
Brooklyn Heights,
Glendale Junction,
Butte Street Junction,
Dayton Avenue,
Boyle Heights,
Lincoln Heights,
Ninth Street Junction, CA. Adopt this sweet Orange Tabby Cat today.

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