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Amazing White Miniature Goldendoodle For Adoption in Furlong PA – Supplies Included – Adopt Washington Today

Goldendoodle Stock ImageHave you been looking for a Miniature Goldendoodle for adoption in Furlong, PA and area?

Pet Rehoming Network is pleased to present Washington, a very special dog in need of a loving, forever home.

Washington is healthy and has been fixed. He is up to date on shots and micro-chipped. This handsome Mini Goldendoodle has a loving personality and is good with children and other dogs. He has not been around cats to date, but should be fine with dog-friendly cats.

Washington is a dog that needs plenty of exercise. He does not like being left home alone, so needs to be placed in a home with another dog – and with owners who have plenty of time to spend with him. He is an amazing dog, and will give back more than he gets in the way of devotion, companionship and unconditional love.

Washington will be rehomed with supplies and vet records. Adopt this deserving Goldendoodle Dog in Furlong, PA today.

How To Adopt Washington

If you are interested in this special Miniature Goldendoodle for adoption in Furlong, PA, please fill out our online meeting request form below. Once received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.



There is a $300 adoption/rehoming fee. Some supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Washington? Contact our Goldendoodle rehoming team today.

Text “Washington” to (888) 833-2128 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Facts About Washington

Name of Pet: Washington
♥ Location: Furlong, PA  18925
♥ Type of Pet: Dog
♥ Breed of Pet: Goldendoodle   Dog
♥ Color / Coat Type: White
♥ Age of Pet: 2
♥ Size of Pet: medium
Weight: 30-35
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with dogs?:Yes
Good with small kids?:Yes
Good with older kids?:
♥ Health Problems: No
♥ Behavior Issues: Yes The only time we have a problem with him is if he is not exercised. He gets anxious and whiney if he doesn’t get a walk and play time. One day off for a rainy day or something is fine, but several days in a row creates anxiety. No aggression or destructive behavior have been noted while with us. He has no problems with housetraining. He has never had a problem with digging in the yard or eating plants either.
♥ Fixed: Yes
♥ Fully vaccinated: Yes
♥ House Broken: Yes
Tattoed/Microchipped: No

All About Washington – Goldendoodle For Adoption in Furlong PA

Washington’s Personality

Washington is very loving and playful. We walk several miles every morning and he is always up for a ball throwing session. He really wants to please and is extra sensitive if you tell him no. He’s actually really good off leash, but this isn’t allowed in very many places around where we live.

His favorite day would be a trip in the car to a long hike. He loves running back and forth off leash on a trail. If you sit on the floor to pet him he will come and bury his head in your chest for a “hug”. He LOVES snow and gets so excited when he first runs outside in fresh snow.

His “hugs”
His love for balls
His relationship with our 2 year old granddaughter
His soft fur
His joy for running all out

Washington’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Balls of all kinds (especially if you throw them!)
He’s not really food motivated, but we occasionally make chicken and rice as a treat for dinner
He loves to carry around toys much more than our other dogs and will even throw them in the air and chase them
He can’t wait to go on our morning walk every day
He follows our little granddaughter around all day waiting for her to do something fun

Cute Washington Story:

He plays fetch with our granddaughter and it is hilarious. She isn’t very good at throwing and gets distracted, but he waits patiently after she says “drop it” and follows her around hoping she will actually throw the toy. It’s very sweet.

Why is Washington Being Rehomed?

Washington is actually our daughter’s dog. He came to stay with us during her very difficult pregnancy. She was on limited activity or bedrest for most of the 9 months and he requires a lot of activity. During this past year, we discovered that what we thought was puppy separation anxiety was solved by being in a home with other dogs (we already have 2).

He does get anxious if separated from other dogs. It doesn’t seem to matter which dogs (ours, neighbors, etc.), but he really needs to be in a home with at least one other dog. He also hasn’t “grown out” of being an active dog. He requires a long walk every morning and at least one ball throwing session.

If these needs are met he is wonderful, otherwise he gets a little anxious and can whine a bit. Our daughter is unable to manage his needs with a new baby and we already have two dogs and two grandchildren (and their parents) living with us. It’s just too much.

Washington’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Washington will thrive in a home with at least one other dog. He needs an active family and daily walks/ball throwing. He loves children, so that would not be a problem at all. He really loves the car and his ideal situation would include going everywhere possible with his family.

He is very submissive and will try hard to be obedient. He only needs gentle correction and becomes afraid if corrected too harshly. He meets dogs every day on our walks, but sometimes will hold back if they are too much in his space. He always does well once he knows a dog and has never been aggressive toward anyone or another dog. He’s only 2, so he has many active years ahead and will make a great addition to any family.

Additional Comments:

This has been a difficult decision for us. We have spent over a year trying to make it work. If we didn’t already have two dogs and two grandchildren living with us, we would keep him. He will make an amazing dog for an active family.

We have several video clips of him playing with our granddaughter. These show how gentle and patient he is with children. We would be happy to share with a serious applicant, but aren’t comfortable sharing with everyone to protect our granddaughter.

Questions about Washington?


Contact our Furlong Dog rehoming team today. Text “Washington” to (888) 833-2128 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Washington’s Location

Washington is located near the following towns and cities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey:

24 miles to Philadelphia, PA
57 miles to Newark, NJ
61 miles to Jersey City, NJ
64 miles to New York, NY

Horsham PA,
Willow Grove PA,
Lansdale PA,
Ewing NJ,
Levittown PA,
East Norriton PA,
Croydon PA,
Trenton NJ,
Bristol PA,
Norristown PA,
Burlington NJ,
West Norriton PA,
Willingboro NJ,
Cinnaminson NJ,
King of Prussia PA,

Adopt Washington the Miniature Goldendoodle in Furlong PA today.

Thank you for your interest in this stunning Goldendoodle Dog for adoption in Furlong.