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Wondering where to find privately owned Maltipoos for adoption near you by owner? Looking to adopt a Maltipoo dog or puppy safely, through an organization you can trust? Trying to locate Maltipoo rescues near you?

Pet Rehoming Network is a private Malti-Poo rehoming service dedicated to uniting preloved Maltipoo dogs and their owners with responsible people hoping to adopt a Maltipoo. These small hypoallergenic dogs are non-shedding and hugely popular, and we are frequently tasked with rehoming Maltipoo dogs and puppies from throughout the USA and Canada.

The Problem With Online Puppy Scams

So many dog lovers hoping to find a Maltipoo to adore have run into scams on social media – many losing hundreds, and even thousands of dollars to online scoundrels who think nothing of taking money from honest, hard working people (many of whom are vulnerable seniors who can ill-afford to lose their limited finances).

On our website, there is zero chance of being scammed, since every dog and puppy that we have listed is being rehomed by a carefully verified owner, with whom our rehoming team have chatted at length. We take the safety of our dog adopters – and the dogs owners – very seriously. Nobody gets to just “post” on our website. Each dog’s Adoption Story is written by a member of our dog rehoming team using the detailed information and photos that the owner has provided to us. We act as a secure, “scam savvy” go-between, making sure that all of our website users, especially our seniors, are protected from any potential dangers – whether financial, identity theft, or of a personal nature.

Learn more about Online Puppy Scams here!


Need To Find a Good Home For Your Maltipoo Dog or Puppy?

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Expert Maltipoo Rehoming Services throughout the USA, Canada, the UK/Ireland and Australia/New Zealand

If you are in the distressing situation of having to rehome your Maltipoo dog or puppy, we offer the most stress-free, sensible, safe and comforting process for finding your dog the right new home – his “forever home” with people who can provide everything you need and want for your beloved tiny dog. Talk to one of our compassionate and knowledgeable small dog adoption coordinators today.

To find out more about our Maltipoo rehoming services, just take 10 minutes to fill out our consultation request form by clicking the button below.  A member of our small dog rehoming team will call you as soon as possible to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have.

Our team members are very empathetic and knowledgeable, having rehomed many small dogs over our almost 10 years in service. We will provide you with lots of helpful advice, and lay out a plan for finding your little companion the very best home where all of their needs are more than met. We will give you a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, and hope and peace of mind about your little dog’s future welfare and well-being. We are here for you.

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Listings For Adoptable Maltipoos Near You

The Maltipoo dogs and puppies listed below are being rehomed through Pet Rehoming Network. These dogs remain in the loving care of their owners while we look for suitable homes in which to place them. In general, these dogs have no health or behavior issues.

They are being rehomed due to circumstances in their owners lives that make providing the best care for these precious Maltipoos difficult. Most of these dogs will be rehomed with all supplies, and veterinary records, so that they can be shared with your veterinarian of choice. Adopt a preloved Maltipoo in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom & Ireland or Australia & New Zealand today.

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Didn’t Find the Dog of Your Dreams?

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While we may not have a Maltipoo to adopt near you right at the moment, we are constantly being asked to rehome these cute little fur babies.

Through our Maltipoo Waiting List Program, we can keep an eye out for a Maltipoo for you, and contact you as soon as we have a match in your area or reasonably close. Our waiting list members are notified BEFORE we post our available dogs, so this gives you a head start – and a much better chance – of finding your little dream dog.

Just fill out our waiting list form, and we will be happy to reach out to you when a Maltipoo dog or puppy comes available for adoption near you.

Fees: There is a nominal fee of just $15 (non-refundable) to be added to our our Maltipoo adoption waiting list. This amount will then be deducted from the adoption processing fee you’ll pay when adopting your new dog.

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Maltipoo Rehoming Services

Are you a dog owner facing the very difficult situation of having to rehome your Maltipoo dog or puppy? We know how much you cherish your tiny fluffy companion, and our proven small dog rehoming program will find the right new owner for your furbaby very safely, and with the least amount of stress for you – or your dog. Going from one loving home to another keeps your Maltipoo – and you – from experiencing the anxiety and stress that surrendering your dog to a shelter or rescue can create.

Our very caring team of small dog adoption specialists will find a home that is just perfect for your dog. A home where everything you want for your Maltipoo is provided. Constant companionship, a cozy home with plenty of cuddles, a nutritious diet, regular vet care and unlimited, unconditional love are exactly what we look for in a new home for your little dog.

Chops - maltipoo maltese toy poodle mix dog for adioption savannah ga georgia

This joyful pup is “Chops”, a Maltipoo dog that was rehomed in Atlanta by our rehoming team.  Here is what Chops’ owners had to say about our rehoming services:

Dear Debbie,

I wanted to inform you that we have placed Chops with the Hayden family. They were a lovely bunch.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the work you’ve put in to help us. You’ve been amazing! This has been an easier process for us, thanks to your work.



Owner, Chops – Maltipoo Rehomed in Atlanta GA


If you are in need of safe, stress-free Maltipoo rehoming services, get it touch with us today. We will arrange for a no-obligation chat to discuss your situation and the benefits of using our careful approach to rehoming small lap dogs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Absolutely adorable mama and puppy maltipoo dogs each wearing pink accessories. So cute

Is a Maltipoo the Right Small Dog Breed For You?

Looking for a super cute, teeny tiny puppy to spoil? Look no further than the Malti-poo, the adorable result of crossing a Maltese dog with a Toy Poodle. This charming small designer breed dog is gaining popularity due to it’s tiny size, exceptional health, and utterly cute appearance.

Maltipoos are the ultimate lap dogs; content to curl up and be adored day in and day out. The breed is allergy-friendly and doesn’t shed it’s coat, making it ultra convenient for those who prefer to keep clothing, carpets and furniture free of dog hair.

But take heed; the Malti-poo is not a dog that can be left home alone for 8 to 10 hours a day while you are at work. This tiny pooch needs a warm lap to curl up in almost 24/7. The breed is ideal for retired or work-from-home dog lovers who can be with their little companion constantly.

Maltipoos are not suitable for families with small children, either. They are as delicate as china teacups and can easily be injured by a squeeze or being dropped. The biggest risk is injuring a leg in a mad dash to run away from the unwanted attention of a small child.

Maltipoo Information Resources

Adopt a Maltipoo or get help finding a good home for your pre loved Malti-poo. Contact our Maltipoo dog rehoming team today

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Maltipoo Rescue Resources

Looking for Maltipoo rescues near you? The following organizations work to rescue and rehome Maltipoos and other small hypo-allergenic breed dogs in the USA and Canada. If you are hoping to adopt a Maltipoo rescue dog, reach out using the links below.

Thank you for visiting our listings for Maltipoos for adoption near you. Please bookmark this page and drop by again soon and often to view newly added adoptable Maltipoo dogs and puppies, or to receive help rehoming your Maltipoo.

Adopt a Maltipoo or get help finding a good home for your pre loved Malti-poo. Contact our Maltipoo dog rehoming team today.