Pet Rehoming Network Reviews and Testimonials

Because of the very personal and emotionally difficult nature of having to rehome a pet, most of our clients understandably wish to remain anonymous. We do not like to impose on our clients to provide public testimonials, although we do receive some unsolicited recommendations.

If you are considering rehoming a pet, and would like assurance from pet owners who have used our service, please get in touch. We can provide references which you may contact directly.

The following testimonials were provided to us by clients – both those who have rehomed a pet through our service, and those who have adopted a dog or cat through Pet Rehoming Network.

Pet Rehoming Network Testimonials

Laney was adopted on Sunday to Kim. She is amazing and I really feel she wants what is best for Laney. I have kept in touch with her since the Rehoming and Laney is going through a transition period but is taking a liking to her new family!

Thank you kindly for your help! I cannot say thank you enough for your support through this terribly difficult decision!

Have a wonderful day Debbie and thank you again!


AlyssaOwner of Laney
Thanks for all your hard work! Your service is really wonderful. You guys have this down. Piney PineyPanko
The process was very clear and short. I barely had to do anything! Debbie Moore was fast and reliable, she made sure that everyone involved understood everything and my dog was far taken care of. It's great that a professional service like this exist for me because I'm very busy but also want to be absolutely sure that the adopters are the best for my dog and vice versa.Yen - Owner of Weedi
I am so impressed with you and your company:) This has gone so well and you kind, empathetic interaction style has greatly eased my guild and anxiety about rehoming and locating a loving, and wonderful new home for Sid. ShelbySid - Border Collie Mix in Seattle
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Pet Rehoming Network Reviews